I’m Back.

I don’t know how long it has been since my last post, and I’m not going to look it up. Let’s just say it’s been a while, and by all rights I should be launching into excuses or at least explanations. But who really cares? So I have a few new paintings done and pictures taken of them, and maybe they are good.

I have observed that I am more likely to paint if I join a group to do so. So I went out with the New Hampshire Plein Air painters about a month ago to a park in Bristol, NH. I fixed my eyes on a section of woods across the brook from me, quite distant actually, but it had the composition I wanted and the elements: trees, rocks, water and sunlight. I snapped a photo of the target scene as well as other potential subject matter, before deciding. Here is what I chose:

But my chosen scene is only a small piece of that. Can you find it?

Burbling Brook in Bristol

About the same time, I signed up for an art class via Zoom. I didn’t really believe such an activity would bear fruit, but I just needed something to motivate me to paint. Long story there, not quite ready to make that interesting (it was a course on taking landscape painting to abstract painting, a topic that has always fascinated me). The upshot is a painting of lupines, inspired by a photo that I took from a speeding car (no, really going the speed limit but that was fast) on I-93 of a bank of lupines. I added many layers to the blues in this painting before I was satisfied. Nothing mattered but the color.

Impression of Lupines on the Highway

I have some more stuff to post, but I am so little accustomed to handling WordPress that I just can’t keep at it just now.

Thanks for looking and for keeping me on your list. I hope you feel duly rewarded!

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