Pricing of Artwork

Paintings displayed on this web site are available directly from Aline Lotter.   Prices are loosely based upon the size of the painting, but the artist welcomes any offer.  Her philosophy is, better in the hands of a collector who loves it, than in the estate of the artist along with hundreds of other overlooked masterpieces!

6″ by 6”


8” by 10”

9” by 12”


10” by 12”


11” by 14


12” by 12”


12” by 14”


12” by 16”


16” by 20”


12” by 36”


20” by 24”


24” by 48”


Limited Edition giclee prints are available for select paintings.  Contact the artist.

Regular (not limited, not giclee) prints are furnished by Fine Art America.

Commissions for portraits, human and nonhuman.  The price for a commissioned painting will generally be greater than for a noncommissioned painting, and 50% of the agreed upon price is required up front and is nonrefundable (in order to inhibit non-serious collectors from taking up an artist’s time, then refusing to accept and pay for the artwork.)  All bets are off if the artist falls in love with images of a cat or dog.

To inquire further or to make an offer, use the form below to contact the artist.

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