First day of blogging

Not that I have time to kill, but it would be nice to archive all those newsy bits that I have entered on my Newest Additions page. A blog enables that. Another nice aspect will be the ability to include photos of artists at work or scenes slated for artistic renderings–the kind of thing that I haven’t wanted to spend time on because it seems so ephemeral.

So henceforth, this blog becomes a combination of Newest Additions and Current Activities. I dropped the Exhibit Calendar page along ago because of the difficulty of keeping up with the changes. Now I can just enter the news in my blog and not worry about deleting old and outdated information. At least, I hope that’s how this is going to work!

Now, drum roll, for the first time in — months, anyway– here is where you can find actual paintings of mine on exhibit for public examination.

White Birch Gallery, 8 Mohawk Drive in Londonderry, NH: I have an ongoing presence at this gallery, with about three paintings at a time, changing out every two months or so. The next opening reception is scheduled for Friday August 7, from 4 to 7 p.m. I expect to be there for an hour beginning at 5 p.m.

Gallery at 100 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH: Paintings exhibited at this location could be on any one of four different floors of the building. I had 9 paintings on the first floor (very desirable location) in an exhibit that just ended, but will have 5 different paintings in the next exhibit that opens on July 31–the reception will be from 5 to 7 that Friday evening. I expect to be there for the reception.

MAA Gallery, 1528 Elm Street, Manchester, NH. The current exhibit is all photography, but I do have some prints in the print bin. (MAA = Manchester Artists Association)

Bartlett Inn, Route 302, Bartlett, NH. I have three paintings on display in the main building or in one of the guest bedrooms. This place is full of paintings by the many artists who have stayed there for the semi-annual artists’ weekends.

Travers The Village Eatery, 13 Main Street, Goffstown, NH. My series of four paintings of Route 302 in Crawford Notch are on the wall here, along with a painting of the woodland garden called “Evergreen” on Summer Street in Goffstown. The owner of Evergreen, Robert Gillmore, opens up his garden for a free public tour every now and then. I painted from a photograph that I took on my visit.

My law firm–Lotter & Associates, P.C., at 41 Brook Street, Manchester NH–exhibits paintings by me as well as some impressive works by other artists, including James Aponovich, Roger Graham, and Vincent Van Gogh. (Is this what artists mean when they brag that their paintings are in corporate collections?)

NH Institute of Art is currently exhibiting the works of their continuing ed students. Since I took a course last year from Adeline Goldminc-Tronzo, I was entitled to show one of my paintings done in that class. I chose my self-portrait because Adeline said it was her favorite. This exhibit will run until August 15. I missed the reception, which was on July 18 because I was painting in Holderness at the time.

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