Too Busy to Blog

Artists who keep up with their blogs must not have a day job. The only reason I have time to make this entry right now is that I am on hold waiting to talk to the IRS about a client’s problem. I even have a special “practitioner’s hotline” number to use, but it has been 20 minutes to reach the first voice, who apologized and forwarded me to a different department for another estimated wait of of 30 minutes.

All I really want to think about is my planned trip to Narragansett, Rhode Island, for a vacation of painting with high school friend Mary. I’m hoping the company and the surroundings will be as inspirational this year as they proved to be last year.

Meanwhile, my busyness overall has included a certain amount of painting. Unfortunately, the 3 products of last weekend’s paintings have not been photographed and are still in the hands of McGowan Fine Art at their summer satellite studio in Portsmouth (Wentworth Coolidge House). Sunday will be the last day of that exhibit.

The painting at the top of this entry is from August 2 at the Canterbury Shaker Village. The NH Plein Air artists converged on the site for its Founders’ Day and put our wet paintings up for sale at the end of the day. Here is my photo of the scene I decided to paint. .

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