Preparing for the Art @ Home Show

Saturday, January 23, the Manchester Artists Association is hosting a huge exhibit–actually a collection of individual exhibits–of the works of its members. I will be there, sharing the allotted 10 by 10 (feet) space with Kathy Tangney, who works mostly in watercolor. I don’t know how many other artists have opted to join us, but I do expect you will find a great variety of photographers and pastelists as well as oil and watercolor painters like me and Kathy. There will be a raffle (I am contributing a giclee print of one of my plein-air Mt. Washington scenes)–see photo below) and demonstrations. Since I have to give up the Saturday life drawing session for this, I think I may bring drawing materials to capture quick sketches of some clothed people for a change.

Kathy and I will be ably assisted by Kathy’s grandson Bradley and my granddaughter Tabitha. If nothing else, we intend to have fun. The photo above is part of the same crew working my shared booth with Kathy at the Art in the Park last August. The Great Dane will probably not be allowed in the Center of New Hampshire. Notwithstanding the expression on her face in the photo, she won’t be glad of that.

The specific details: Center of NH/ Radisson Hotel, 700 Elm Street, Manchester NH from 10 until 5.

Here is an image of the giclee print that I am offering up for the raffle. At 12 by 6, the image is full size, and the 2-inch archival mat is white with black core.

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