Learning How to Do Portraits

I am pressed for time, yet I want to stick to the schedule that has developed, whereunder I post a blog entry every Monday. It’s the writing and editing that takes the most time, so for now I am just going to post some photos of exercises that I have done for the class I am taking with Cameron Bennett: Drawing Portraits. Next to each of my drawings is the image that I was trying to replicate, unless there is no image next to my drawing, in which event, I drew that one from life. Hardest is drawing from life, next hardest is drawing from photo, then slightly less hard is replicating someone else’s drawing, but that’s not to say replication is easy. NOT. But it is excellent training for the eye and brain, which is necessary to get a life drawing close to accurate.

This last is my homework for this week, and it is still able to be corrected before I face the teacher.

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