This is Honey, as painted by me a few years ago when she was barely full-grown. Sometimes when I paint a cat or dog portrait, it seems almost to paint itself. So it was with this one. I did have to adjust the placement of the rear ear and I may have fiddled with her collar, but everything else was “alla prima” or painted all at once, in one sitting.

The reason I bring up Honey today is a worrisome one. Last week, my granddaughter Tabitha took Honey to see a specialist in the eye problems of critters like her (I’m not sure whether his expertise is limited to Great Danes, or extends to dogs in general, or to all animals). The news was bad. Honey needs an operation to fix a condition that is eating away at her right cornea–an operation that will cost $3,000! Neither Tabitha nor her parents/grandparents have that kind of money sitting around, so we are going to try to raise some of the money with a yard sale. This coming Sunday, on the porch of the building where I practice law, we will set up the sale from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. The address, if you would like to stop by, is 41 Brook St. in Manchester. The building is on the SW corner of Brook and Chestnut Streets, enclosed by a high brick wall with parking on two sides and the streets–easy access for shoppers.

Tabitha will make her gourmet cupcakes and serve hot cocoa. I am planning to put Honey’s portrait on Artist Trading Cards, and will offer all my unframed 8×10 oil paintings for $50 each. We will also be offering china, glassware, DVDs, CDs, a brand new unused Cuisinart ice cream maker, books, and many more items being contributed by Honey’s friends, who are legion.

Honey will be there too, of course. Sorry, no rides on the Great Dane, no matter how lightweight you are.

Here is a photo of my granddaughter Natalie trying to choke Honey. Just kidding. It was a hug, I’m sure. And a Christmas portrait of Honey with her main person Tabitha. Judging by the ears, Honey is not all that into wearing things stuck to her head. She still had the pink collar.

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