Special Edition: Honey Report

My last blog update (yesterday’s) was met with a torrent (2 or 3) of demands for an update on Honey’s surgery, which occurred last Wednesday. So last night I took some photos of her and selected a pretty pathetic one with which to lead off. Mouth turned down, ears folded against the plastic collar, she appears to be so depressed that she won’t meet my eye. By the time I had about ten flashlit shots of her, she was feeling assaulted by the camera. Here is how she looked then. Longsuffering.

However, she has perked up considerably since Sunday, after the second anesthesia wore off (story below). You get a sense of perkiness here, maybe because she found a better angle in the cone for her ears.

The cone has been hard for her to get used to. She caught one of my framed charcoal drawings, a big one, and crashed it to the floor sending shards of glass everywhere. Luckily no one was injured and the drawing survived. Here she is, standing in front of the work of art with her tail between her legs.

The cone also failed to protect her eye from her efforts to scratch it Friday morning. Somehow, we know not how, she tore out the stitches and had to be brought back to the veterinary hospital in Portsmouth (an hour away) for repairs. Wouldn’t you know, repairs are not free!

We need to watch her every minute, but there are times when Tabitha has to be in class. Perhaps I will bring her to work. Stay tuned.

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