News from the Furry Folk

Today I have collected some decent photographs of my furry housemates, and in recognition of my past neglect of one of them, I lead off with his close up. Meet Justice. I did not name him that. A rescue shelter down South picked him up with female puppy on the Fourth of July and named them Justice and Liberty, respectively. We paid to have him shipped up to us via plane, truck and automobile. He is, it appears, mostly border collie and German shepherd, but his black tongue hints at a Chow somewhere in his bloodline. In any event, he is a very agreeable companion, even if a little rough on the cats. Here he is in a typical pose in a typical spot–his corner of the sofa:

You can see that he is ready to spring into action at the drop of a hat. He and Honey are BFFs, and that is Honey’s butt there at the right margin of the photograph.

I had promised photos of Grace, my latest rescue, and of Honey all recovered from her surgical trauma (promises made here and here). Getting a photo of Grace with her eyes open was difficult. Most of them turned out like this:
This was a good angle for viewing her broken jaw. But finally, I snuck up on her and got the eyes open–twice!

These photographs prove that her eyes are green. I think that may be a little unusual for a tabby cat. Look how fluffy she has become! No longer the pitiable creature who hid under the sofa, she has taken over two-thirds of the house and relegated Isis, the white goddess, to the third floor. Female cats can be quite contrary.

Honey’s eyes are as good as they are going to get. The growth on her cornea was successfully removed, but the “face lift” to correct her droopy lids was only partially successful. She seems happier now with her vision improved, and I think she would agree that all that suffering with the cone was worth the result.

The eye showing is the one with the corneal surgery.

Great Danes sleep a lot, and insist on the cushiest spots for the doing of it. But when she goes outside to play, she plays hard, tearing up the yard like a racehorse. (I used to cultivate moss in that yard. Now nothing smaller than a tall bush can survive.) And she digs. For fun! HUGE holes! Justice digs to make a tunnel to escape the yard. Honey digs for the pure joy of it.

Here are two shots of Isis, the white goddess, before she was dethroned by Grace and banished to the upper regions. In the first photo, on the left, she is in full goddess attitude, but the second photo reveals her to be a mortal pussycat after all, vulnerable to a sassy little upstart like Grace.

Back to paintings next time. I have a lot to show you.

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