Bonus Blog: Cruisin’ and Paintin’ the Essex River

Last Wednesday I took the day off from my job as  a lawyer in my own law firm (I can do that sort of thing when it’s my firm), and ventured South to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with Sharon Allen, best known as the “plein air gal” responsible for holding our listserv together.  I had two tickets for the Essex River Cruise at one o’clock, and figured we could fit in one painting before and one after the cruise.  And so we did, even taking time out for a seashore dinner in the town of Essex, and even though poor Sharon was probably more wiped out than she wanted to tell me, inasmuch as she is recuperating from a terrifying regimen of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  We focused so hard on our paintings that neither of use looked up to see what the other was up to.  We painted until the mosquitos came out in force and the light started to fail.  When I got home that night, I crashed.   I can’t  imagine how tired Sharon much have been.

Our morning painting was done at Cogswell’s Grant, an historic location including a farm.  We didn’t investigate the farm much, just found a shady spot with an attractive view and went to work.  My view is of the parking area.  That’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Parking for Cogswell’s Grant

The Essex River is not quite visible from here, but it is not far away, to the left of the parking area.  The cars, in case you are wondering, are behind the shrubbery on the right.

Our cruise was pleasant, and the weather was perfect for that kind of an outing.  Did you know that the 1995 movie “The Crucible” was filmed on an island in Essex, presumably because of its proximity to Salem, Massachusetts.  The movie makers recreated the Town of Salem as it had existed in 1692, and it sounded to me as if everything was removed after the movie was completed.

After getting our bites to eat (fried clams being the local specialty, that’s what I had), we set out to find a location that our cruise boat guide had called a magnet for artists–the Cox reservation.  Once there, we settled on a knoll with a wide view of the marshy unnavigable strands of the Essex River, looking toward the ocean but not quite seeing it.

View of Essex River marshes from the Cox Reservation

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