On the Brink of Disaster (maybe)

I thought I had corrupted my entire website without having backed it up. A disaster! –Or a fresh start?

After seeking help from Apple in an online chat, a phone chat, and finally the person-to-person chat at the Genius Bar in Salem, I had to accept the grim verdict: Restore from backup, if any, or recreate the entire website.

I turned to my Time Machine (the program that saves stuff to an external disk) thinking it had been six months since I had backed up my computer. But my Mac had automatically saved everything on September 22, just a week after my last publications to the website, so the potential disaster that has been hanging over my head for the past few weeks just went “poof” and I feel pretty silly for trying so hard to avoid the “restoration from backup” solution. There’s a moral in there somewhere, but I haven’t quite worked out what it is.

Anyway, I have been so very preoccupied with goings on at my law business and my painting activities that I let slide every nonessential in my life. It feels good to have nonessentials that one can let slide!

Since my last blog entry, I participated in 12 days of workshops and 5 days of paintouts (group plein air painting events). That’s just too much to cover in one blog entry. Here’s one of my favorite paintings from this period.

I call it Changing Seasons. The location was a swampy woods on Kimball Pond, which is in or near Goffstown. The Gallery at 100 Market Street in Portsmouth will exhibit this painting along with two others of mine, for the months of November and December and January.

Responding to a theory about why my website files got corrupted, I am deleting a lot of old stuff to give the new stuff room to breathe. And I hope to be back blogging on a regular basis.

Oh, yes. I should explain the photo at top. That was taken on August 30 at Manchester’s Art in the Park. That’s me, receiving the red ribbon from Guy Lessard, President of Manchester Artists Association. My painting, Hardscape with Reflections, won second best oil painting in the show. It too will be in Portsmouth for the next three months. Here is Hardscape:

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