4 times 6 by 6

I belong to an organization called “Women’s Caucus for Art”, which doesn’t roll too comfortably off the tongue but which does bring me into contact with a whole new set of eclectic and individualistic artists. Annually, WCA presents an exhibition of works of art created on plaques that are 6 inches square. Each member is entitled to buy a set of four panels and decorate them for the exhibit. The panels are then exhibited together and offered for sale. The price of each panel is $66. This year’s exhibit is being hung now, at The Paper Tree in Manchester NH (865 Second Street–www.thepapertree.net), and the reception takes place on Friday, November 13, from 5 to 7.

My four plaques, pictured above, are oil paintings from photographs that I took in Rhode Island at a lotus pond in Warwick, situated right on a busy highway–all the easier for people to stop and gawk and take photos. I wasn’t the only one doing so. The size and beauty of these plants was unusual. The leaves were particularly fascinating, and dominating, which may explain why my paintings are more about the leaves than the flowers.

I am hoping my 6 x 6’s will catch the eye of another lotus-lover and all four go together to their next home. This was a fun project for me–something new for me too. I can now add flowering plants to my list of favorite inspirations, right up there with dogs and cats and trees. Next thing you know, I will be succumbing to the challenge of painting oranges. (No, no, I won’t, I’m determined I won’t!)

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