Review of June’s Poses

On the theory that you can never have too  much of beautiful nudes, here is my entire collection of the Tuesday June poses, two of which you have already seen but through the glare of wet paint.  Margaret times 4:

Margaret-June 2013-#1

Margaret-June 2013-#1

Margaret--June 2013--#2

Margaret–June 2013–#2

Margaret--June 2013--#3

Margaret–June 2013–#3

I still need to finish the background for No. 3, and perhaps bring up her left knee, which for most of the time I could not see at all.  That stool swivels, and it was very difficult to get her back into the exact same position after each break.  In fact, every time she took a deep breath, the stool swiveled a little.

Margaret--June 2013--#4

Margaret–June 2013–#4

No. 4 is obviously unfinished.  We all wanted another session on this pose, but since it was the last one with Margaret for a while, we will all have to wait until the fall to finish it up.  The pose was one inspired by another painting, one that Tony spotted on a magazine.  There’s usually one element of a pose or scene that attracts the eye, and in this case, it’s the curve of the hip.  I spent most of my time working on the hip and legs.  You can tell.  You may also recognize the brown leather sofa.  I should start including “brown leather” as a tag to facilitate a search for all of them.  Will start with this one, but can’t promise to edit all previous ones.

Aline Lotter is currently exhibiting:

at the Hatfield Gallery and the East Colony Fine Art Gallery in Manchester (Langer Place, 55 S. Commercial St., Manchester, NH); at the Bartlett Inn in Bartlett; at the Red Jacket Inn in North Conway;  at Stella Blu , an American Tapas restaurant in Nashua; at the law offices of Mesmer and Deleault at 41 Brook St in Manchester; at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center in Manchester (part of the Healing with Art program); and at her studio by appointment.  Two paintings are also hanging in the Manchester office of Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter.

One response to “Review of June’s Poses

  1. Hello Aline: Thank you so very much for forwarding all of this material. I am fascinated by your paintings. There is something so very magical with a woman’s nude body, especially the likes of Margaret.

    I like No. 1 (excellently done and leaving some things to the imagination) and No. 4, even though not finished, it is such an inviting pose.